• Prevalence and risk factors for cornea guttata in the Reykjavik Eye Study

      Zoega, Gunnar M; Fujisawa, Aya; Sasaki, Hiroshi; Kubota, Akiko; Sasaki, Kazuyuki; Kitagawa, Kazuko; Jonasson, Fridbert (2006-04-01)
      PURPOSE: To establish the age- and gender-specific prevalence of cornea guttata (CG) in citizens of Reykjavik, Iceland, 55 years and older. DESIGN: Cross-sectional, random, population-based study. PARTICIPANTS: The 774 participants were those participating in the second examination of the Reykjavik Eye Study. At baseline, we had a response rate of 75.8%, and at the 5-year follow-up, 88% of the survivors participated. METHODS: We used slit-lamp and non-contact specular microscopy and endothelial specular photography as well as computer-assisted morphometry. We used a standardized grading system for CG. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Diagnosis of primary central CG. RESULTS: The prevalence of CG is 11% for females and 7% for males both for right eyes and left eyes. Higher weight and higher body mass index are found to be associated with decreased risk of CG. Having smoked more than 20 pack-years increased the risk of CG more than 2-fold (P<0.02). CONCLUSIONS: Cornea guttata seem to be found more commonly in women than in men. Smoking for more than 20 pack-years increases the risk of developing CG more than 2-fold.