• Major neonatal surgery under local anesthesia: a cohort study from Bangladesh.

      Hagander, L; Kabir, M; Chowdhury, Md Z; Gunnarsdóttir, A; Habib, Md G; Banu, T; [ 1 ] Childrens Hosp, Dept Pediat Surg, Lund, Sweden [ 2 ] Lund Univ, Dept Clin Sci, Fac Med, Lund, Sweden [ 3 ] Harvard Univ, Sch Med, Program Global Surg & Social Change, Dept Global Hlth & Social Med, Boston, MA USA [ 4 ] Chittagong Med Coll & Hosp, Dept Pediat Surg, Chittagong 4000, Bangladesh [ 5 ] Karolinska Univ Hosp, Dept Pediat Surg, Astrid Lindgren Children Hosp, Stockholm, Sweden [ 6 ] Landspitali Univ Hosp, Dept Pediat Surg, Children Hosp Hringurinn, Reykjavik, Iceland (Springer, 2015-04)
      Surgeons and anesthetists must respond to the perioperative mortality associated with general anesthesia in developing countries. The safety of performing major neonatal surgery under local anesthesia is one pragmatic response. This study describes and evaluates such practice in a tertiary pediatric surgery center in Bangladesh.