• Is there a future for obstetrics? NFYOG addresses the challenges ahead for trainees [editorial].

      Hauksdottir, Dögg; Oppegaard, Kevin Sunde (Blackwell Munksgaard, 2007-08-22)
      The Nordic Federation of Young Obstetricians and Gynecologists (NFYOG) was founded during the NFOG congress in Oslo in 2000. The initial members were a contingent of enthusiastic trainees from Denmark, Norway and Sweden who had noticed the lack of a Nordic collaboration of trainees and young specialists. This was made apparant in Rome the year before at a rather chaotic meeting for European trainees (ENTOG). With NFYOG it would not only be possible for the Nordic countries to present a coherent front at European meetings, but also for Nordic countries to gain inspiration from each other and exchange experiences in matters regarding training. Finding members was not a problem; each country has their national societies, so representatives from these joined NFYOG to form the first board. Funding was secured from the parent organisation NFOG and from the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. To start with ambitions ran to having a session for trainees at the biannual NFOG congress. It was decided that the topic for the first session at the NFOG congress in Umea° in 2002 would be ‘Surgical training for everybody?’ This resulted in a lively discussion forum for 40 trainees and was judged to be a success. In January 2004 in Malmo¨ the first seminar organised by NFYOG was held, devoted to obstetrical and gynecological education. The following May another seminar was held on leadership for doctors. Both of these seminars received enthusiastic feedback from the participants and NFYOG decided that the board’s main focus would be a biannual seminar alternating with the NFOG congress. These seminars would be a valuable forum for Nordic trainees and an introduction to NFOG.