• Unexplained sudden death: next-generation sequencing to the rescue?

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    • The use of polygenic risk scores in pre-implantation genetic testing: an unproven, unethical practice

      Forzano, Francesca; Antonova, Olga; Clarke, Angus; de Wert, Guido; Hentze, Sabine; Jamshidi, Yalda; Moreau, Yves; Perola, Markus; Prokopenko, Inga; Read, Andrew; et al. (SPRINGER NATURE, 2021-12-17)
      Y Polygenic risk score analyses on embryos (PGT-P) are being marketed by some private testing companies to parents using in vitro fertilisation as being useful in selecting the embryos that carry the least risk of disease in later life. It appears that at least one child has been born after such a procedure. But the utility of a PRS in this respect is severely limited, and to date, no clinical research has been performed to assess its diagnostic effectiveness in embryos. Patients need to be properly informed on the limitations of this use of PRSs, and a societal debate, focused on what would be considered acceptable with regard to the selection of individual traits, should take place before any further implementation of the technique in this population.
    • Vaccine implementation reduces inequity.

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    • Validation of self-reported figural drawing scales against anthropometric measurements in adults.

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      The aim of the present study was to validate figural drawing scales depicting extremely lean to extremely obese subjects to obtain proxies for BMI and waist circumference in postal surveys.
    • Why does vitreoretinal traction create macular oedema?

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    • A wrong against humanity [editorial]

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      No abstract available