• Nýgengi krabbameina og dánartíðni krabbameinssjúklinga á Íslandi síðustu 35 árin

      Jón Hrafnkelsson; Helgi Sigvaldason; Hrafn Tulinius (Læknafélag Íslands, Læknafélag Reykjavíkur, 1993-05-01)
      The objective was to investigate the changes in incidence and mortality from malignant diseases over the period from 1955 to 1989 in Iceland. The results are presented as number of cases and incidence rates in five age groups and seven time periods, males and females. The same is presented for mortality. There was an increase in incidence rates in all age groups except the youngest (0-19 years). Overall there was a decrease in mortality rate, ten per cent for females and five per cent for males. In the youngest age group this decrease in mortality was more than fifty per cent for both sexes.