• Consensus and conflict cards for metabolic pathway databases.

      Stobbe, Miranda D; Swertz, Morris A; Thiele, Ines; Rengaw, Trebor; van Kampen, Antoine H C; Moerland, Perry D; [ 1 ] Univ Amsterdam, Acad Med Ctr, Bioinformat Lab, NL-1100 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands [ 2 ] Univ Amsterdam, Swammerdam Inst Life Sci, NL-1098 XH Amsterdam, Netherlands [ 3 ] Univ Luxembourg, Luxembourg Ctr Syst Biomed, L-4362 Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg [ 4 ] Univ Med Ctr Groningen, Genom Coordinat Ctr, NL-9700 RB Groningen, Netherlands [ 5 ] Univ Groningen, NL-9700 RB Groningen, Netherlands [ 6 ] Netherlands Bioinformat Ctr, NL-6525 GA Nijmegen, Netherlands [ 7 ] Univ Amsterdam, Netherlands Consortium Syst Biol, NL-1090 GE Amsterdam, Netherlands (BioMed Central, 2013)
      The metabolic network of H. sapiens and many other organisms is described in multiple pathway databases. The level of agreement between these descriptions, however, has proven to be low. We can use these different descriptions to our advantage by identifying conflicting information and combining their knowledge into a single, more accurate, and more complete description. This task is, however, far from trivial.