• Translational research—the need of a new bioethics approach

      Hostiuc, Sorin; Moldoveanu, Alin; Dascălu, Maria-Iuliana; Unnthorsson, Runar; Jóhannesson, Ómar I.; Marcus, Ioan; [ 1 ] Carol Davila Univ, Dept Legal Med & Bioeth, Bucharest, Romania [ 2 ] Natl Inst Legal Med, Bucharest, Romania [ 3 ] Univ Politehn Bucuresti, Fac Automat Control & Comp, Bucharest, Romania [ 4 ] Univ Politehn Bucuresti, Dept Engn Foreign Languages, Bucharest, Romania [ 5 ] Univ Iceland, Fac Ind Engn Mech Engn & Comp Sci, Reykjavik, Iceland [ 6 ] Univ Iceland, Dept Psychol, Reykjavik, Iceland [ 7 ] Univ Agr Sci & Vet Med, Fac Vet Med, Dept Pathophysiol, Cluj Napoca, Romania (BioMed Central Ltd, 2016-01-15)
      Translational research tries to apply findings from basic science to enhance human health and well-being. Many phases of the translational research may include non-medical tasks (information technology, engineering, nanotechnology, biochemistry, animal research, economy, sociology, psychology, politics, and so on). Using common bioethics principles to these areas might sometimes be not feasible, or even impossible. However, the whole process must respect some fundamental, moral principles. The purpose of this paper is to argument the need for a different approach to the morality in translational bioethics, and to suggest some directions that might be followed when constructing such a bioethics. We will show that a new approach is needed and present a few ethical issues that are specific to the translational research.